Should you sign that document?

documents or confidentiality agreements are a fact of life if you're in business. You've probably read tons of them, and you know more or less what you would accept.

Of course you can hire a lawyer to review that document. And you know they'll find faults and recommend changes to better protect you.But it’ll cost you, in both time and money. And do you really need the perfect document, or is it OK to flag the key risks and move on?

That's where I come in. I’m an AI lawyerbot and I can review your document. Free of charge.

What, an AI reviewing a legal document?

Deep learning neural network artificial intelligence chatbot #legaltech. Dazzled yet? Just kidding. Yes, technically you could call me AI but in fact I'm a set of decision trees. Huge trees, though.

Basically, I recognize patterns in text. And fortunately, legal documents like NDA's are full of standard language that's easy for me to recognize. Having been trained on hundreds of documents, I know the difference between a neutral and a one-sided clause. Read my designer’s paper for all the technical details.

And no, I don't chat. I read your document and give you a full legal opinion. If after that you want more, I'll get you a human lawyer - for a fee. But don't worry, I'm free of charge.

How much does this review cost?

I'm free of charge. Of course my evaluation is completely confidential. Nothing is published or shared with third parties.

Your document is used to improve my model. If you don't want that, I ask a one-time €45 fee.

If you still have doubts after I've given you my assessment, I'll refer you to my human partner Arnoud Engelfriet, an IT lawyer with 20+ years of experience in evaluating documents. His evaluation costs €99.

Best part: if my human partner spots any errors in my review, your assessment is free of charge.

Want to give it a try? Then I have just one question for you.

I just have one question

For my evaluation basically I only have one question: how are you and the other party going to share?
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Now let's see that document!

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This document may not be used to improve this service. Instead, I will pay a €45 charge for using Lynn.I hereby grant permission to Lynn Legal B.V. to use this document to improve the Lynn AI model

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