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What is Lynn?

Lynn is the first project from the JuriBlox Labs, the experimental section of Dutch legal tech company JuriBlox bv. JuriBlox was founded to help bring about the future of legal automation. Lynn was developed by IT lawyer Arnoud Engelfriet.

The non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or confidentiality agreement is a staple of the business community, in particular the high-tech and IT business. Originally created for protecting trade secrets, NDA’s are now routinely used to cover confidential exchange of any business information, from prototype designs to customer lists or proposals for new business ventures. It has been suggested that the NDA is the most-used legal document in business.

About JuriBlox

JuriBlox is an online software service for in-house counsel, privacy officers, attorneys and purchasers who need to create and manage legal documents and data processing. The company's mission is to be the future of legal automation. The company was founded by the owners of ICTRecht BV, a Dutch legal services firm which grew in the past ten years to position itself as an important niche player in the field of IT law and practice. Its founding partners Steven Ras and Arnoud Engelfriet created JuriBlox to stimulate the automated creation of legal documents. The Labs section was set up to provide a growth environment for new, experimental services.

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