I'm 86% confident that
You can sign

There's no problem with this NDA, it looks completely standard. You can sign on the dotted line! :)

In short, I found:

fatal errors
also 0 warnings and 1 notices
also 1 warnings and 1 notices


(1 fatal errors, 0 warnings and 1 notices)
Dealbreakers are problems that are so big they mean you really can’t sign that document. Here’s what I found in your document:
The NDA has a standard definition of what is public domain (i.e. by definition not covered under the NDA). So that's great.
There is no definition of the parties AT ALL in this document. Please get some kind of definition in the text, even if it's only the two companies' names. And mark yourself "Receiving Party".

Other issues to pay attention to

(1 errors, 1 warnings and 1 notices)
Of course a document has more than just dealbreaker issues. Here are some other important items you need to pay attention to:
Preamble and purpose
The term of this NDA is indefinite, and therefore the NDA is in force until terminated. That's bad for you because now even disclosures years from now are covered, which may come as a surprise at the time.
This NDA specifies explicitly which law applies. That's good, but double-check if it matches the country you and your counterpart are in.
There is no explicit clause on disclosures outside the NDA scope. Not an issue.

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